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Feb 05, 2023

Teachings from the Mount part II

Passage: Matthew 5:13-20

Speaker: Rev. Rafe Vigil

In this week’s scripture we find Jesus proclaiming more Kingdom character to us, individually and as a church. This will certainly create political upheaval as the Kingdom of God overthrows the hold the “empire” or culture has on us.  He declares we are salt. He proclaims we are light. Do we have a choice? Of course! But as part of the body of Christ, people will look at you and me and think, “Is that what it means to be a Christian” or “WOW, is that what belonging to the church means and how to live in this world?” So, with those blessings there are greater expectations. Join us Sunday at 9 AM or 10:25 AM as we dive deeper into Matthew 5:13-20.