Congregational Care Team


Team Leader: Judy Steurer

We demonstrate Christ’s love by caring for those in need in the congregation and community by providing structure, support (spiritual, emotional and physical), resources, and training. 

If you'd like to  join a congregational care ministry or if you know of someone that needs care, contact the team coordinator or the church office at 941-907-7333. 



Stephen Ministry
Stephen Leaders: Amy Burling & Sybil Porter

We demonstrate Christ's love by providing high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are struggling through a difficult time in life—experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or some other life crisis. Stephen Ministers are congregation members trained by Stephen Leaders to offer high-quality, one-to-one Christian care to people going through tough times. A Stephen Minister usually provides care to one person at a time, meeting with that person once a week for about an hour. Once a month, Stephen Ministers gather with their Stephen Leaders for supervision and continuing education.  


People interested in becoming Stephen Ministers should consider the following guidelines:

Gifts – Do you have the gift of mercy or healing? Do you show compassion and give encouragement to those in need? Are you a good listener?

Commitment – As a Stephen Minister you will devote time and energy to the ministry and will have the opportunity to make a major difference in another person’s life. 

Training – You will be fully trained before you are asked to provide care.  You will learn about listening, maintaining appropriate boundaries, confidentiality and many other aspects of caregiving.   After completing the initial training, there are periodic continuing education sessions which will help you stay current in your skills.

Support -- You will receive regular support, encouragement and guidance from your Stephen Leaders and fellow Stephen Ministers by participating in monthly supervision meetings.  Your Stephen Leaders are also available to meet one-on-one with you if you require additional guidance in your caregiving relationship.

Prayer – Prayerfully seek God’s guidance as you consider becoming a Stephen Minister.

To discuss your interest in becoming a Stephen Minister, or  if you would benefit from having a Stephen Minister walk with you through a difficult period, contact Amy Burling at ; 919.475.8692,  or Sybil Porter at ; 412.965.9626

You may also wish to explore the Stephen Ministry website at:



Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon  

HEADS UP - All normally scheduled Recovery Group meetings at Harvest ARE NOT MEETING HERE NOW, because our meeting spaces, rooms, and hallways are under construction for the Dream Big Renovation Project.  Contact your group leader for the current meeting locations.  We hope to be able provide meeting space for Recovery Group meetings, when the construction work is completed in the coming months.
Harvest hosts support groups for those recovering from alcohol addiction and support for those who are impacted by friends and family suffering from addiction. 

Every Wednesday at 11:30 AM
Every Thursday at 11:30 AM
Every Saturday at 4 PM

If you're contemplating a visit, please know that practically nobody looks forward to going to their first AA meeting. In most cases this is an occasion of extreme shame, dread and despair. Most people going to AA for the first time do so reluctantly; because they have promised someone else to go or because they have been directed to attend by a judge, an employer, a therapist or an addictions treatment program. Even first timers who go on their own are usually in an intensely ambivalent and negative state. Nobody wishes to require the help that is provided by AA, and as a result virtually everyone attending their first meeting wishes that they were someplace else doing something else.

It is an act of great courage to walk into an AA meeting for the first time. Please come and know you're welcome.

AA information is available at the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Web Site. Anyone curious about AA and contemplating going to their first meeting would benefit from reading the information available there, including the following: 
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Ministry

Team Coordinator: Judy Boehm

This ministry’s mission is to save lives of those who experience a cardiac arrest while at Harvest.  For every minute that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the AED are not used, there’s 10% less chance of survival. The American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR AED classes are held twice a year for anybody 12 years of age and older. Individuals are taught how to perform CPR with an adult, child and infant, how to operate an AED, and how to save a victim who is choking.  Harvest has an AED in a wall cabinet just at the entry to the administrative offices. It is checked weekly, monthly and yearly by a member of this team.

Watch for the announcement of classes in the Harvest weekly e-news. You may also contact Judy Boehm at ; 941.870.2259.


Card Ministry

Team Coordinators: Carolyn Eliason, , 515.229.4738

This ministry's mission is to demonstrate Christ's love by sending out birthday, anniversary, sympathy and get well cards to members of the Harvest family. This team's responsibilities include: praying for the individual receiving the card, writing a sentiment on the card, attaching address labels and postage, and posting the cards.

College Aged Ministry

Harvest has 21 young adults headed off to college or into the workforce and we want to keep in touch with them as they start this new season of life. We encourage you to visit the bulletin board across from Hospitality Hub 1 to find out how you might get involved; by partnering with a student as a prayer and support pal, or providing some items that will be sent to them in a care package. For more information, contact Laurie Smith or Dee Adams.

Cooks Who Care Ministry

Team Coordinator: Terry Cox 

This ministry team demonstrates Christ's love by providing meals to individuals who are unable to cook for themselves due to a recent surgery, serious illness, the birth of a child, or other challenging times. 

The team leader’s responsibility is to determine the family’s needs, set up a Meal Train on line (which includes dietary restrictions), and provide that information in an email or prayer request.  If you know of a need or have any questions, contact Terry Cox at 941-907-7333 or .

Individuals who are interested in volunteering to cook for a family can have their name added to the call list (you are always free to choose when to serve) or you can contact Terry Cox at ; 941-907-7333 when you see an email request for cooks.

END-OF LIFE Planning Workshop

Beginning September 20 we’re offering a 6-week, expert-led workshop on end-of-life planning topics. Click here for more info and to register (for just $15),or sign up at Hospitality Hub 1 beginning in September. (M-F 9  AM to 1 PM; Sun, 8:30 AM-12 PM).

Prayer Team Ministry

Team Leader: Tracy Nickens , 941.730.5998

This ministry's mission is to  simply to meet and pray. While prayer warriors are certainly welcome, anyone can join this team if they have the availability to meet on Monday mornings and the willingness to pray. 

Sewing Seeds of Faith

If you have an interest in sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting or other crafty skills, you are invited to the next Sewing Seeds of Faith (SSF) meeting . This month we will meet immediately following the 10:30 a.m worship gathering on May 5. SSF participants work on projects at home; making prayer shawls, baby and lap quilts, blankets, drawstring bags, and toboggans, etc. and distribute them to those in need. Recipients include Harvest members, those in the mission field, cancer patients and Lakewood Ranch Hospice, to name a few. For more information email Tracey Nickens. 

Silent Angel Ministry

Facility Host: Harold McDade
Reception Coordinators: Cissie Angelo & Jean Case

This team assists the pastors and staff of Harvest whenever there is a funeral or memorial service being held at the church. There are two aspects to this ministry – facility preparation and reception services.

The Facility Host is responsible for the facility set-up aspect and assists with the process of setting up the altar and worship appointments, greeting attendees, gathering signatures in the guest book and passing out service bulletins.

Reception Coordinators are responsible for reception services, which entails coordinating with the church staff and family, arranging the tables, set out the food and beverages, and accommodate the family in whatever way possible.  

Staying In Touch Notes

Team Coordinator:  Nancy Reed

This ministry’s mission is to send handwritten notes to those individuals who have not been in worship for six weeks.  When someone has missed twelve weeks, a follow-up note is also sent.  Notes let people know they are missed by the Harvest Family, show concern if there is an issue or prayer need and serve as an invitation to contact the church or one of the pastors.     

This team consists of one coordinator and ten note writers. Contact Nancy Reed at 941.752.7434; if you’d like to serve on this team.


Visitation Ministry

Team Coordinators: Sandra Petrucci & Randy Robinson

This ministry's mission is to demonstrate Christ's love by visiting with individuals who are homebound or in skilled care facilities, assisted living facilities, or short term physical rehabilitation situations. A friendly and caring visitation team member visits anyone with a family member or acquaintance who fits these criteria with a regular visit. Primary caregivers also receive a welcome break to run errands or just rest and relax while someone else is visiting with their loved one.

Anyone with a heart for this type of ministry and who is able to visit an individual at least once every two weeks is invited to join the team. Training is provided. Anyone aware of someone who would benefit by visitation should contact Randy Robinson at 907-4253; or Sandra Petrucci at 727-0578; .


Hospital Visitation Ministry

(Pastoral Staff)

This ministry's mission is to demonstrate Christ's love by visiting with members of the Harvest family who are hospitalized and is carried out primarily by Harvest's pastoral staff. If you know of someone who attends Harvest and is in need of a hospital visit, contact Terry Cox at ; 941-907-7333.



The team also offers a variety of other events on a rotating basis both within the church and as an outreach to the community. Some of these events include:

  • End-Of-Life Planning Workshop
  • Cancer Survivor Workshop
  • Sewing Seeds of Faith
  • Prayer Pals  (support for Young Adults)