Harvest is excited to expand our non-perishable food ministries by partnering with Honeyside Farms in Parrish, Florida, to provide healthy organic produce to students at Samoset Elementary and their families. With your support, Samoset students and their families in need will gain access to fresh produce they may not otherwise be able to obtain or afford.

The Farm to School Project

Boxes of seasonal organic veggies, fresh from Honeyside Farms, will be delivered to Harvest bi-weekly on Wednesday mornings starting November 15. Before the school day ends, a team of volunteers will deliver the veggie boxes to Samoset for those families who have signed up to participate in the "farm-to-school" project.

It is currently planting/growing season in Florida, meaning the first crops will be ready to harvest at the beginning of November and run through May. Depending on the month in the growing season, boxes could include veggies such as sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, or cucumbers (click here for a more veggies).

You're invited to be part of this "farm-to-school" ministry project by purchasing veggies and/or volunteering to deliver boxes of veggies to Samoset.

Eat Healthy/Donate a Box

Now is the time to sign up to participate! Go to the Honeyside Farms website, then click the shop button to order your bi-weekly box of veggies or a sponsor box. On the website, you will find more information about the options and how to:

  1. Purchase a bi-weekly veggie box for you/your family for $41, plus a sponsor box for $20 for a Samoset family.     OR
  2. Buy a $20 sponsor box.

Honeyside Farms - Shop

More information about pick times will be provided as soon as we have more details about when food will be delivered to Harvest. There is no way to store the boxes at Harvest to keep them fresh, so you will need to pick up your family box on the Wednesday it is delivered. Boxes not picked up will be given to families facing food insecurity who will enjoy the veggies.


By volunteering to deliver boxes to Samoset, you will help make this ministry a blessing to families at Samoset.

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Healthy eating is essential for a child's good health, growth, and development. Research shows that improved student nutrition leads to increased focus and attention, improved test scores, and better classroom behavior. Our prayer for this ministry is for students to reach their full potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually - and hope for a better future.