Harvests Kids’ Mission

Harvests Kids’ ministry shares a mission with the larger church of helping grow disciples of Jesus Christ who will then serve and love others in a reflective manner of Christ’s example.


Harvest Kids meet at 9 AM and 10:35 AM every Sunday unless otherwise communicated.

We prioritize acceptance, unconditional love, and the safety of the children who join us on Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings are designed to be safe, fun, and to form faith in children.  First-time guests and weekly students are welcomed and introduced to God's word through scripture readings, story time, song, and interactive play. 

We look to offer at least one consistent adult that your child sees and works with weekly (or whenever you and your family can attend), getting to know your child in a meaningful and supportive way. This intentionally provides an additional Christian adult in your children’s lives that can offer consistent counsel and support in faith and life.

Please click here to view and verify that you have read and intend to abide by our Harvest Kids Wellness Policy.

Harvest Kids’ Theology

Our aim is for your child to know that they can have a personal relationship with God and that they are part of God’s larger story. God can and will use them right now, just as they are, to help serve others and do the work of the church. 

Preschool Focus:
  • God loves me.
  • God made me.
  • Jesus wants to be my forever friend.
Elementary Focus
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • I need to make wise choices and knowing God helps me do that.

Harvest Kids Resources

We partner with parents or grandparents to provide a variety of faith-forming resources and communications detailing what their child is learning on Sundays to facilitate raising children who love God and love others (in both words and actions).

Monthly Mailers - These are physical paper resources mailed to your home.

Letter, Table Talk – conversation starters and a brief overview of the month’s lessons, parent guide – outlines for parents in a more detailed manner what kids are learning with the understanding of what we are focusing on so that they can provide continuity

Weekly Emails – access to bible story video, access to the above-mentioned in electronic format, and our newest parenting resources, at-home weekly activities that use household items, games, etc., to further reinforce the week’s lesson.

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PARENT RESOURCES are obtainable by clicking below and consist of articles and/or podcasts that detail numerous struggles that parents will face and how to walk through them with Jesus as a guide.

Check Out Parent Resources

Each Sunday morning you can serve with kids (newborn to 5th grade) at our 9 or 10:35 AM worship gathering. The lessons are already planned so you get to have fun and share God’s love. Your commitment to our little ones helps them develop a personal relationship with God and let's them know that they are loved just the way God made them. By signing up to serve with Harvest Kids you are also helping kids in their early faith formation and enriching your own spiritual connection.





Ministry Contact: Steph Serfass